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Hillary E.G.B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Less important than a hasty Gundam recitation.

Slightly more pleasant than a rabid pink weasel.

In love with kinky boots, frozen yogurt, bags, crafts, and writing slash fanfiction.
True dat, dove.

Past life:

English-Italian punkass-
too-short uniform skirt,
music far too loud--
problems with associating 'enough' and 'cookies'.
More problems giving the 'f bomb' a major rest.

Now stuck as an American with...pretty much the same problems and five pairs interchangeable jeans.


Rui is an English major with bakery-shop dreams and problems with remaining 'situationally appropriate'.

Enjoys a 'designated pillow' role amongst most social circles, and demands regular hug maintenance.

Attempting to write a webcomic without acknowledging her total inability to draw hands.


-Y!Gal: KitsuneArasi
-tumblr: little-plastic-monster.tumblr.…

--> Just don't feed me after midnight.


Full Name: Claret Carmine

Alias: Red Queen, Mistress/Lady Red, Lady Luck

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: Early to mid-thirties.

District of Birth: Outside the districts.

Current Residence: Rosecrest

Relationship Status: Widowed

Sexual Orientation: Undisclosed


Figure/build: Tall and shapely, with an hourglass figure.

Notable Features: Strikingly tall, with vibrant red hair. She’s quite hard to miss. 

Hair color: Red

Hair Style: Long, thick, and voluminous. Claret takes great pride in her hair, as her husband often complimented her on it. It has since become a trademark. The style varies by occasion, but in private, she prefers to wear it down.

Eye color: Poison green.

Skin color: Lightly tanned, with an old dusting of freckles on her face.

Preferred style of clothing: In public, her dress is intricate and bold, favoring the masculine from military dress to tailored suits and integrating the extreme feminine—lingerie and corsets—to accentuate that she is, in fact, very much a woman in power.

Accessories: A thigh holster and Bordeaux’s pocket watch, which she occasionally refers to as ‘his heartbeat’. She enjoys making advisors nervous, and occasionally totes a whip or a riding crop.


Passive / Aggressive : Unpredictable. She usually gives off an aggressive feel, even when she isn't being outwardly hostile. Her presence is notably unsettling, in both 'business mode' and 'leisure mode'. Something about her is always slightly off-center.

Fighting skills/techniques: Efficient and calm under pressure, the Queen may not start fights, but she'll finish them. Violently, and with flair.

Weapon of choice: Her remaining Carmine family firearm, a sword, or a concealed knife.

Weaknesses in combat: While training and determination afford her strength, she is still a woman, and becomes fatigued faster than men with the same rigorous training. She also has a few triggers to do with her broken family unit.

Strengths in combat: Experienced, calm, and quick-thinking. The Queen is frightfully well-prepared for a worst-case scenario.


Addictions: None.

Any medication regularly taken: None.

Mental health status: Stable.

Suspected neurosis: Undisclosed. ("Ruddy mad bitch" is still not a recognized ailment.)


Personality: During business, the don is firm and confident, with an unnerving spark in her eye. She knows people, and she knows how to take them apart with a smile and a few 'pleasant' words. Not much else is known about her.

In private and unchallenged, she has the capacity to be a loving and lighthearted woman, despite past experiences. She deeply values the close relationships left to her, and delights in teasing people.

Quote that Fits: "Bow to me, bow to me, at my feet you'll bow to me…" – King of the World, Porcelain and the Tramps.

Pretty much all of "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown. Anything ever touched by Porcelain Black.

Likes: Children's games, fresh air, reading, simplicity, tea.

Dislikes: False pretense, long speeches, condescension, chauvinist twits…twits in general, really.

Fears/phobias: Failure, weakness, falling, lightning.

Hobbies: Cards, writing, gardening, reading, target practice.

Potential Battle Cry: "Business is business, after all."

Significant/special belongings: Her wedding ring, gun, and a ratty stuffed lion.

Talents/skills: Speaking, negotiating, fencing, marksmanship. Also, evaluation and intuition. Capable of operating on very little sleep.

Parents/Guardians: Deceased.

Siblings: Undisclosed.

History: Her lineage is little known, a particularly well-kept secret. Claret grew up aiding in the family business—the care and keeping of a high class winery. Her parents grew into the rather unfortunate habit of offing less community-tied members of the public and making a special vintage with their ichor.

At a young age, Hardys Riesling, heir to the Riesling family, visited the vineyards with her father and very nearly snooped her way into becoming the next special vintage. Claret was quick to lead her away, and the two became fast friends.

Years later, Hardys became engaged to Bordeaux Carmine, the successor of the Carmine family, and insisted that he make a trip to the winery to secure a ‘proper red’ for their engagement party.  

During his visit, Claret’s parents very nearly bled him as well, and Claret decided that they had gone just a bit too far with this unsavory business and ended the matter promptly. With an axe.

He brought her along to the engagement party, and the results were about as savory as may be expected.  

Their marriage, which followed swiftly, caused a great deal of gossip and no small amount of enmity. Their relationship was a bright and loving one, blessed early with the birth of baby Grenadine. Soon after, however, Bordeaux was murdered. It was believed that, in taking down the head, his unknown widow would be easy to control or cut out.

They were tragically wrong.

Their error was even greater in taking her precious boy away.


Occupation: Don of the Carmine Syndicate

Current employer: Herself

Pets: Othello, a Newfoundland

PASSWORDS: Orchid Mantis, Milk Quartz 




Full Name: Grenadine Carmine

Alias: Dinah, The Knave

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: Late teens, early 20s.

District of birth: Rosecrest

Current residence: Sporecybe

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, pending a whole lot of cuddling and not punching him. 


Figure/build: Tall and slim, but building muscle.

Notable Features: He is quite tall, but never seems to take up much room. He has a tendency to self-deprecate, and is never found intimidating. Often seems tired when he isn't actively engaged in something. 

Hair color: A pale, washed out pink-blonde.

Hair Style: Medium length, layered, and tousled. He ties it back when he's contemplating things or working.

Eye color: Pale hazel/green.

Skin color: Fair

Preferred style of clothing: Dinah prefers brief, but baggy clothes—for example, a soft, long-sleeved midriff shirt and billowy pants held up by a simple belt. He likes to be comfortable.  

Accessories: He typically wears a choker, and a pendant rests beneath his shirt. A number of friendship bracelets, rubber bands, and cheap plastic watches adorn his wrists.


Passive or Aggressive: Dinah is passive, and at times completely unimpressive. He is almost unnervingly lacking in self-confidence and a will to fight. Grenadine is another story entirely—one vicious son of a bitch.

Fighting Skills / Techniques: Proficient with firearms and durable in a physical fight. He reads people well and acts quickly in response, and is by no means above fighting dirty.

Weapon of Choice: A Carmine family firearm, followed by whatever he can get.

Weaknesses in combat: Not typically preoccupied with defending himself, arrogant when psychotic, vulnerable to psychological warfare.

Strengths in combat: Fast and flexible, Dinah isn't easily shaken up. He has marvelous aim, which he attributes to a talent at darts. He can also, apparently, “run like a motherfucker.”


Addictions: None.

Any medication regularly taken: For Your Head.

Mental health status: Compromised.

Suspected neurosis: Unspecified personality disorder. Nightmares.


Personality: Laid back and friendly, Dinah is an odd bird in the seedy locales he drifts between. He speaks well and thoughtfully, and openly enjoys people. He tries his best to be helpful, and consequently, always has a place to stay the night. Grenadine, on the other hand, has far more on his mind than odd jobs.

It is a notably bad idea to touch him unannounced, especially while he is eating, or to take away his food. 

Quote that Fits:  “
And for every time I came home screaming and got sent away, with no warning at all, I had to dream awake.” – “Dream Awake”, The Frames

Likes: Games, sweets, soft textures, and working in groups. Also, the smell of gunfire and cold air.

Dislikes: Expensive items, bitter foods, and being scolded. Being left alone for extended periods.

Fears/phobias: Abandonment, electrocution, and mutilation. Also, bees and ghost stories.

Hobbies: Drawing, physical exercise, and anything that helps his aim.

Potential Battle Cry: "You wanted this."

Significant/special belongings: His gun and pendant.

Talents/skills: Quick study, devoted marksman, and a fast runner.

Parents/Guardians: Claret Carmine and Bordeaux Ezzio Carmine.

Siblings: None.

History: TBA


Occupation: Jack-of-All-Trades

Current employer: Anyone who'll take him on.

Pets: Richelieux, a mouse.



Full Name:  Daromneux C. Allcie-Brenniven Locht

Alias: Dorme, Honey, Sleeper, Allcie, etc.

Gender: Male

Species: Lagocian

Age: 19

District of birth: Lagocus

Current residence: Glasgow

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Officially undisclosed. Assumed 'any mammal with a day job, and some without'.


Figure/build: Average height and slim, somewhat curvy. He does his best to look pleasantly androgynous and non-threatening.

Notable Features: White rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. An old surgical scar left behind from a heart operation.

Hair color: White, with bits dyed red.

Hair Style: Short and 'stylishly touseled'.

Eye color: Red/pink.

Skin color: Pale.

Preferred style of clothing:  Usually skimpy and flattering, rarely anything that negates movement or aerodynamics.

Accessories: Chokers and other stylish accessories. A compact vital monitor.


Passive or aggressive attitude? Passive, unless he sees an immediate opening.

Fighting skills/techniques: More suited for stealth, speed, and spying, Dorme knows he's not suited for straight combat. He's more likely to take a shot and run while he can, as he's a little paranoid about his own health.

Weapon of choice : Concealed knives, a gun if he can find one.

Weaknesses in combat: Not a great fighter or tactician. He's also very concerned that his heart will fail him, and may panic, if boxed in.

Strengths in combat: Quick and determined to survive, he's likely to spot miniscule openings when his skin is at stake. Or make them by going for the face…


Addictions: None.

Any medication regularly taken: Mild relaxers on occasion, pills to fortify his heart.

Mental health status: No real condition, but he's been traumatized by his childhood medical problems and will panic when he thinks he might suffer the same again.

Suspected neurosis: Slight medical paranoia, if anything.


Personality: In public, he is near-overly sweet and a bit forward, and uses his assets to his own advantage. Privately, he seems almost honestly innocent and a bit self-conscious. His penchant for physical contact remains, but he prefers simple cuddling. Still, he's a pretty skilled operator.

Quote that Fits: Shares "Future Starts Slow" - The Kills with Lady.

Likes: Physical contact, flattery, presents (especially sweets), praise, and having the upper hand.

Dislikes: Being manhandled or held tightly, being startled, insults, lectures, meat.

Fears/phobias: Pulmonary problems, deafening noise.

Hobbies: Dancing, games, data collection.

Potential Battle Cry: "M…my heart…? Back off!"

Significant/special belongings: Friendship bracelet, a family picture or two.

Talents/skills: Reading and influencing people, collecting and trading information.

Parents/Guardians: Unspecified.

Siblings: Unspecified, but likely a few.

History: During a medically-troubled but loving childhood in Lagocus, it is assumed that he met and befriended a jabberwock female, affectionately dubbed 'Lady'. Now residing in Glasgow, the two remain close (if odd) friends.


Occupation: Information dealer, dancer, bar staff.

Current employer: The Jabberwock Cave

Pets:  None at present.

PASSWORDS: Orchid Mantis, Milk Quartz



Full Name: Cernuna Liade Phosphyr Pri

Alias: Lady, Cernu, Phosphyr, Pri, Points

Gender: Female

Species: Jabberwock

Age: Looks to be in her mid 20's. No one really wants to ask.

District of birth: ???

Current residence: Glasgow

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Unknown


Figure/build: Very tall and curvy, she seems soft, but is often found intimidating.

Notable Features: Her eyes are usually covered. Also, the contrast between her ultra-feminine looks and her racially-identifying features.

Hair color:

Hair Style:

Eye color:

Skin color: Caucasian, fair.

Preferred style of clothing: Layered leather, lace, and netting with flowing and flouncy elements. Dorme insists that playing up the feminine makes her 'more chic, less eek'.

Accessories: Various suitable baubles. Eye coverings.


Passive or aggressive attitude? Highly aggressive.

Fighting skills/techniques: Coming from a race often considered monstrous and violent, she is cold, efficient, and brutal when challenged.

Weapon of choice: Claws.

Weaknesses in combat: She usually fights in melee range. Confronted with sufficient fire power, she would be at an obvious disadvantage, and would likely attempt to flee at the earliest opportunity. Her reduced sensitivity to pain also diminishes her awareness of just how much damage she's taken.

Strengths in combat: Vicious, powerful, and arguably biologically inclined to rip flesh like tissue paper. Reduced pain sensitivity. 'Freaky'.


Addictions: None

Any medication regularly taken: None

Mental health status: …erm…hard to define.

Suspected neurosis: None.


Personality: Her intimidating stature and unnatural appearance often partner with her calm, quiet nature to leave people unsettled. Capable of warmth and care, her blunt (oft brutal) honesty and stoic expression are a bit of an obstacle to her social life.

Likes: Happy people, jokes, thoughtful conversation, little trinkets, and being of help.

Dislikes: Overblown thugs, fumbling, rough textures, crying, and high-pitched noises.

Fears/phobias: Unspecified. Really doesn't like sticky substances.

Hobbies: Domestic pursuits, whittling, singing, reading.

Potential Battle Cry: "Oh?"

Significant/special belongings: Friendship bracelet. The counterpart to Dorme's vital monitor.

Talents/skills: Physically strong, surprisingly good with children and the infirm, good mixologist. Fair at singing.

Parents/Guardians: Unknown.

Siblings: Unknown.

History: Not much has been confirmed about her origin, but several years ago, she met a young Daromneux in Lagocus and became attached to him. Now, relocated to 'scenic' Sporecybe / Glasgow, she continues her strange friendship with a lagocian she once referred to as 'Food'.


Occupation: Bartender, pinch bouncer, conversation piece

Current employer: The Jabberwock Cave

Pets: Daromneux. >>;

PASSWORDS: Orchid Mantis, Milk Quartz
  • Listening to: Strange Boy - Kerli

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